Really need help with care plan for patient - page 2

help!!! i have a care plan due soon and since my instructor is not emailing me back and answering my questions, i could really use some help. my patient is 78 years old and diagnosed with gallstone... Read More

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    Maybe I am just confused, would you actually have the r/t gallstone pancreatitis part in there because that's what we can't have...they don't want any medical diagnosis in our care plan, even though it makes much more sense and it is easier to read.
    "...related to obstruction and inflammation of the common bile duct, inflammation, edema, distention of the pancreas, and peritoneal irritation..."
    I only wrote all of that because I was trying to explain that all of that caused the pain from the pancreatitis and gallstones

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    Are you allowed to put any psychosocial diagnoses? Do they have family that come to visit? Is he total care? Here are some psychosocial dx ideas: loneliness, self care deficit, impaired health maintanance, possibly knowledge deficit (related to treatment). GOOD LUCK!

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