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I am really thinking of getting into nursing, but I have a lot of questions. Are there a lot of male nurses today and how are they treated? Is a 2 year degree just as good as a 4 year degree? And how can i find out what kind of... Read More

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    fireman *smile* you will probably make a great nurse! My husband is a volunteer firefighter and loves the rescue calls..I know he would be a wonderful nurse, but he doesn't seem to have the confidence to attempt nursing school. BSN vs ADN: I would advise get your adn first and then find a "bridge" program to get your BSN. That way, you will have valuable clinical experience behind you as a BSN.(Not to mention a paycheck) It took me many yhears to find my "niche" in nursing, which is picu.
    Give it some time
    ps Thanks erbn girl...I had been trying to think of an appropriate signature line for myself and you gave it to me!

    "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane"
    (Thanks, Jimmy)

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    I went to a community college and received an associate degree in nursing; this seems to be adequate for now, I may continue to a BSN later but am not interested in management at this time. Most hospitals have little financial compensation if any for a 4 year degree over a 2 year degree.
    I have been an RN for 7 years now, 1 year on a med-surg unit then 2 in a Med/Surg, CVICU. That was a unit that did just about everything except trauma, peds or burns.
    After that I went to a critical care flight team, one of only 3 in this country that transport patients on bypass or with ventricular assist devices. Then a year of travel nursing that was more of a learning experience than any college can offer. Now I am back in a Med/surg ICU and doing airambulance out of a small county airport in my area on my days off (and a little volunteer ambulance time which keeps my skills well rounded) Nursing is only as enjoying as you allow it to be.
    As far as men being nurses, go for it...I have worked with a number of wonderful male nurses and recommend it for anyone interested in helping people and especially for someone with your background. I was a paramedic prior to going to nursing school.
    Good luck

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