Questions about IA RN lisence, renewals and CEUs

  1. I graduated RN school in 2015, my license is up for renewal this year in Nov.
    I can't recall ever being told about the policy behind lisensure and renewals. Do I have my first renewal "free" so to speak, as in no CEU requirements? and from there on I need to start collecting documentation that I am attending CE classes? I recall hearing SOMETHING about that.

    It's one of those questions that I am too afraid to ask my manager and coworkers as it seems like it should be "something I already know".

    Ugh....anyone care to help me out? The IBN website is clear as mud to me.
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  3. by   itsybitsy
    In Iowa, first time renewals you need 2.4 units/24 hours of CE. All renewals after that require 3.6 units/36 hours of CE. Per Iowa BON: (3rd FAQ from the bottom).
  4. by   itsybitsy
    This page is also helpful and clear in their terms:

    The links to the right side also go more in-depth into what CEUs count/where to complete them.
  5. by   quiltynurse56
    You should have received that information when you received your license. itsybitsy gave you the correct information.
  6. by   Guitarstrings
    and now for another question I feel dumb for asking: How to go about obtaining CEUs, keeping track of them, and how to submit them?
    I have no idea if any of my classes or training qualify and I have like 6months to get my crap together.

    I know that there are classes out there, I just have no idea how to find out where
  7. by   Cat365
    When you complete a class you should receive a certificate which should have the #of CEUs listed on it. If you work in a hospital and have taken classes you may already have some. If there is an educator at your place of employment they may be able to assist you in that regard. Otherwise if you are a member of any nursing associations you can check their websites. Sometimes they offer free or discounted online classes.
  8. by   quiltynurse56
    I enjoy the PESI CEU education. While they are on the expensive side, I find that they go much deeper than the little 1 or 2 CEU education. You can either go to classes on site, go to a webinar class or do online ones. For the ones I have gone to as well as attending online, I have received 7.5 CEUs for each. You can look at CEUs advertised in the BON paper too.