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question on paternal/paternity leave

  1. 0 my wife will be giving birth on july/august,my question is how many weeks will the hospital allow me to be off and how many weeks will i get paid?who do i need to notify? I have 2 jobs.Im almost 2 years on my other job and i just started on my other job last not sure if they are gonna allow me to take time off for a while to attend to my wife's needs as well as with the new born baby.advice please.thanks! =)
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    The only ones who can accurately answer your questions are your employers. Every facility's leave policies are different.
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    The job where you've been there for two years: you should be eligible for FMLA - get those forms from HR.

    The new job: uh - good luck.

    In the US, there is no paternity leave policy for the most part.