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This is the question . I will post the correct answer and mine later. I want your opinion on which one you would choose! This is for Post Partum Women. Thanks!! To help prevent a UTI which... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    Quote from realnursealso/LPN
    Where I live it is against pts rights to force anything. The term now is
    Thanks for the answer I did not see the earlier post of it. (this new format on the BB is confusing)

    Force Fluids is a very old term. Even in the old days they did not litterally mean to force. I agree encourage is more accurate. I think the the old term should be abondonded. But there are still a few Docs and other out there that learned force fluids. (Old habits..)

    The current recomendation is so many oz per pound or body wt. or cc/kg. I don't recall the ratio but I do remember that I at 170# should be drinking 3 quarts, that is now the current recomendation for optimum hydration instead of the 2 quart per adult that has been the recomendation.
  2. by   Agnus
    I would have gone with the medic alert answer. This is again a demonstration of the lag between practic and theory.

    No one wears one or is even recomended to wear one for this that I know of but in "in an ideal world..." we would recomend it to patients.

    This is going a little overboard with the simplicity of some of the stuff we are taught in school. I am not saying simple in terms of common sense I mean simple mindedness of some of the stuff we are taught.

    I was told the physician had to perscribe the exact temp for a aqua K pad application. You can guess what happened when I ask a doc for the temp two weeks out of LPN school. :imbar
  3. by   kyutnurse
    I choose C - 3000 is ok "at least min of 2L per day"
    Push fluids
    D is not an option for me coz it did not say how much fluids??