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This is the question . I will post the correct answer and mine later. I want your opinion on which one you would choose! This is for Post Partum Women. Thanks!! To help prevent a UTI which... Read More

  1. by   orrnlori
    Sheesh, I sure don't miss nursing school. Hurts my head just to read all the reasoning and watching folks try to pick it all apart from the stand point of wording. I think nursing classes made us all crazy.
  2. by   Chrislynn2003
    So what is the correct answer?

  3. by   kwagner_51
    Quote from Chrislynn2003
    So what is the correct answer?


    I posted the answer earlier but for those who didn't see it, the answer is C=> force fluids.

    Some of you figured it out and had the logic behind it. I got it wrong because it said PREVENT instead of her having one right now. I will NOT forget the answer to this question ever again!

    Thanks everybody for your responses!!
  4. by   LolaRN
    c, especially if she is nursing too
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am with those who say forcing fluids is bad terminology. Most pp moms are NOT "sick" (labor/delivery are healthy, normal processes)--- and can be encouraged to drink fluids by bringing them fresh pitchers of water and juices each time we enter the room. I do just this....

    the only way you are gonna "force" fluids, is by IV and no you are not gonna "force" 3000cc IV in even a day, or else risk other problems, like fluid overload. It is overly simplistic, as some women receive MASS quantities of IV fluid in labor anyhow, esp if they undergo epidural anesthesia. They are NOT all dehydrated. And, in birthing center and home birth situtions, women are not necessarily dehydrated, as they are rarely kept NPO in labor.

    This is a perfect example of theory-practice gap. One you will see when you go out into the field. Best wishes...oh before I forget,

    I work in OB> where we don't FORCE anything. (smile)
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  6. by   Agnus
    Quote from RN Rotten Nurse
    It would have to be C or D though neither one is reasonable. I would choose D....the lesser of 2 evils.
    A does not prevent infection
    B has to do with bladder training
    It used to be believe that holding urine caused UTI but this has been disproved with research. The bladder is a steril enviorment and that fact supports the reasearch.

    c is the correct choice
    d. Is interesting. It was once believed that the acidity of crandberry juice prevented bladder infection. We now know that it is not the acid but another component of crandberrys that make it harder for bacteria to cling to bladder walls (think it's an enzyme, but don't recall ecactly)
    However, all the juices contain Vitamine C which is helpful in preventing infection but the ultimatley correct answer is drink lots of water. To keep the UT flushed out.
  7. by   eirthjona
    Sorry I might seem silly but Here women and men get told to drink 2 liters = 2000cc
    a day in normal life so how would an extra liter be hard thing?
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    Since answers A and B are obviously out of the question, and grapefruit juice can cause a severe reaction for people taking certain medications, I would also choose C. When forcing fluids, there's no chance of a patient picking up a UTI. It would be flushed out of the system with that much fluids.
  9. by   kyutnurse
    I would choose C, since D is too much fluids? 1 tsp OJ?
    3000 mls is alot but if you push fluids, the bacteria wont stay in the system, it will be flushed out. and besides, it did not specify that the patient have CHF, or on restricted fluids or NPO status.
  10. by   Keysnurse2008
    Quote from kwagner_51
    This is the question [paraphrased]. I will post the correct answer and mine later. I want your opinion on which one you would choose!

    This is for Post Partum Women.


    To help prevent a UTI which of the following is an appropriate action?

    A.) Keep pt. on complete bedrest

    B.) Have her hold her urine until the absolute last minute
    C.) Force fluids at 3000ml per dayTHIS ONE D?T PP
    D.) Drink orange juice, grapefruit juice, and apple juice

    I missed this question, the ONLY one I missed and I do not agree with my instructor's reasoning.

    So which one do you choose and why?

    Thank you soooo much!
    If it were an average person not PP id say the juice.....but this is a pp pt...who is at risk for volume depletion secondary to the id say push the fluids .......and think just about the vaginal delivery process and the amniotic fld loss the EBL etc.
  11. by   fiestynurse
    "Dilution is always the best Solution"

    Postpartum women are told to urinate frequently because a full bladder will displace the uterus and actually cause more bleeding. They also sometimes lose the urge to void or don't completely empty their bladders because of all the trauma to the perineum during birth. I use to have postpartum women lean forward slightly, while voiding, and press on their lower tummys to empty the bladder completely.

    The cranberry has some unique enzymes found in no other food and it has some specific sugars that "attract" bacteria like a magnet." The sugar molecule that attracts the bacteria then carries it out of the body during urination. Secondly, cranberry is an acidifying food, and bacteria do not grow in an acid environment. It is usually recommended for women who have frequent UTIs.

    The other juices have vitamin "C" which is also good for postpartum women, but for different reasons. I use to have women take their prenatal vits or iron tabs with a glass of juice high in vitamin "C" because it assisted in the absorption of iron. I suppose that these juices make the urine slightly more acidic, so they could help in the prevention of infections in women who are prone to them. But, cranberry juice is more effective.
  12. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Where I live it is against pts rights to force anything. The term now is
  13. by   mitchsmom
    My pharm class had a quiz question last week re: Synthroid that threw a bunch of us off. A & B were obviously not the answers (don't even remember what they were), C was something about not taking it with Kale/cabbage, and D was to wear a medic alert bracelet if you take Synthroid.
    The answer was D. I have taken Synthroid for 15 years and no one has ever mentioned wearing a freakin bracelet, we haven't discussed bracelet guidelines in class, and no one I have ever known on Synthroid has worn a bracelet but that was the answer of course. I should have known it but I was unwisely using my own experience. It turned out that there was in fact something about cabbage/kale in the book (even though I actually didn't know that, I had tried to use process of elimination) and everyone got credit for the question after all. There was another one that was worded funny & had 2 correct answers but the teacher didn't go for it on that one and I still missed it. And on that note I better get back to studying for this week's quiz!