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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at a position working one day a week at an adult day care center as a RN. When I graduated (2 years ago) I worked on a med/surg floor and then became prego with my first daughter and was lookign for some part time work to get back into the field. I have an interview tomorrow but have no idea what the salary is for these types of places? Does anyone know? I live in NJ? Also it seems like I will mostly be passing meds but has anyone else done this type of work and what did it entail?

    thanks for any input you have.?
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  3. by   CABG patch kid
    Maybe you can do a salary search on to see what the typical salary is in that setting. Good luck
  4. by   bronxgirl
    i work in an adult day care center in maryland. it is not as tense as med/surg but believe me it is busy. the ADC i work at has a capacity of 55 participants per day. we have one FT GNA and 3 PT GNA. there are also 4 activity staff and 2 SW..there are 2 FT RN where i work. you might want to ask what your job description will be for just one day a week. we do much more than just pass meds. even before you pass the meds.. you need to make sure you have an updated order from the doctor and that the family brings in the meds in an appropriate labelled bottle.. and you need to call the family when are running low etc.. then it can vary but you might have diabetics that need their blood sugar checked before lunch and are on a sliding scale. not to mention you need to be alert and use your assessment skills all the time.. for usually you are the first to notice. "something is not just right". even in an emergency and other staff is trained in CPR.. in an emergency they will run and come get you... though they know to call 911 themselves.. it just does not happen.there is toileting and help with ambulation and direction to and from activity rooms and kitchen. there might be feeds and supervision in the kitchen if they are on special calls to care givers and doctors not to mention state required sum it up a job description in an ADC for a nurse is just about everything. but i do find it very rewarding. because of ADC these participants are not in a nursing home and can continue to live in their homes and their communities. the pay.. i work for a non profit organization and the pay is not great at all. but the trade off is monday-friday job.. 8:30-4:30PM..most legal holidays off and for me the biggest plus is we follow the school districts weather policy. if school are closed due to bad weather our busses do not run either..please feel free to let me know how it went..i would love to learn from other ADC..hope this helped
  5. by   lvnandmomx3
    I am a nurse consultants for a licensed partial therapeutic adult day program. My job duties are much like those of a school nurse. I do in-services with staff, write care plans, clients saftey advocate, I contact the group homes or family home if needed, keep face sheets up to date with medication, when a new client starts make sure thier tb and physical are up to date, and I could keep going on and
    I am an LPN so can't help you salary wise. Upon interviewing I did tell them that LVN's make $17-$24 an hour when they asked me in the interview and they hired me in the middle :spin:, but I know that RN's would make more than that..... I am hoping to open up doors so that when I become an RN I will be able to work for a regional center and do group home assessments or work as a consultant for the group homes..........