Pyxis - The Ultimate Fomite

  1. Our medication machine requires a finger scan. It is not uncommon to see nurses walk up and run their finger on their forehead before scanning their finger. I generally refuse to do this as I try not to touch any part of my face while working, but am often left mashing my finger in different directions and getting rejected multiple times.

    I just imagine the pyxis as this epicenter of germs on our unit. Each nurse goes to it and takes whatever germs they have picked up back to their patients rooms. The fact that the cleaner your hands the harder it is to pick up your finger print means that people are less apt to wash their hands right before they take out meds, only making it more germ filled.

    Any other units have this problem? Anyone have any recommendations
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  3. by   I<3H2O
    I've not even THOUGHT about this before. OMG, I'm gonna get sick. LOL We may as well rub the meds on the floor. I definately do not wash my hands after scanning in and I see LOTS of nurses rub their face, hair, behind ears, etc. I will start cleaning my hands from now on. IDK what the answer is here.
  4. by   darkangel83
    Haha! So gross! Those machines are so terrible for scanning...often you have to do it more than once! People will do pretty much anything to make it work...including rubbing their finger on their forehead, I guess!

    When my pyxis account was set up, I opted for the password sign-in instead of the finger scan! Regardless...keyboards...finger scan pad...they all carry a disgusting amount of germs! We all need to be more diligent with keeping them clean
  5. by   littlewingrn
    I dread using the Pyxis as my finger scan never works. I guess my hands are too clean for the scanner. I waste too much time trying to get my scan in. Yes, I have resorted to trying to get some oil on my finger to get the scanner to work. I clean my hands again just after retrieving meds. This is the only thing that works for me. If anyone has any suggestions to improve the scanner reads, I am all ears....

    Edited to add: Darkangel83, if I had the option, I would opt for password only. Ours only accepts the finger scan...GGGGRRRRR!!!!!
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  6. by   workingspaz
    When I have problems trying to scan my finger, I clean it with an alcohol swab and 100% of the time get an immediate read after doing so.... Maybe when you get an error try this trick and pass it on? Let me know if it works? Also, we are very lucky to have a gel dispenser right in front of the door to the medroom. I usually have a tendency to gel in and out of there, so I know my hands are relatively clean.
  7. by   Turtle in scrubs
    You alcohol swab your finger or the machine? I've tried the finger and it only makes it worse (the cleaner my fingers the worse it is). It is a big no-no for us to use alcohol on the machine. They say it will mess it up. I've not done it, but been very tempted!
  8. by   nerdtonurse?
    We keep a bottle of Aloe Vesta by the machine. A microscopic dot on the finger, rub it in, and you can usually scan (90% of the time)
  9. by   knittycat1
    I second workingspaz's alcohol suggestion. I never add oil to my finger. If the scanner can't read my print I just clean the scanner with an alcohol pad, wait 2 seconds and it reads 100% of the time.
  10. by   bjaeram
    Worse yet I've seen people lick their finger before scanning.....sooooo gross!! I do think moisture helps though and I just the alcohol trick. Just get your finger a bit moist and scan!
  11. by   That Guy
    I set my finger down, pull it off once the red light comes on brighter and then MASH my finger down. Works every time.
  12. by   waksbr
    I do the alcohol far haven't seen anyone lick or wipe their finger on their face,ears,etc and hope I don't...yuck.
  13. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I have never had a problem with my finger being read but I never thought about how nasty that finger scanner must be until this post. :|
  14. by   Turtle in scrubs
    Licking your fingers??? Oh Dear Lord... NO licking! I will now have nightmares.