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protonix via g-tube

  1. 0 Hi, can anyone tell me what the protocol is for giving protonix via a g-tube? I know that sodium bicarb is in the mix, but how much?
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    Never heard of that. If you use the sodium bicarb does that make it OK to crush it?
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    If we have a patient needing protonix that cannot swallow, then we give IV protonix. Or we give them omeprazole suspension through the G-tube.
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    We crush the protonix and mix with 3 cc sodium bicarb. Messy bubbly mess.
    But it doesn't plug up the gtube, which is the whole point. Be sure and flush well after giving it. I usually give my other meds first, then protonix then flush.
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    I'm confused. I know you can't crush protonix. That is why we give Prevacid down a tube or use IV protonix. Dopes the bicarb make it OK to crush?
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    at my hospital we are not able to crush protonix, but there is a liquid form that we are given from pharmacy that can go down peg tubes, NGs, etc, its still protonix as opposed to prevacid, etc what they do it i don't know
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    With the newer meds out, we don't use protonix much any more. As far as for the g tube..we use crushable prevacid. Most of the others are on omeprezole.