PRN / Flex question

  1. Can someone explain PRN / Flex better to me. Example: "Two shifts per week.
    Required Weekends - 1 shift per pay period". Does this mean that you can ONLY work this much per week or that you are required to work this much but can work more if you wanted to? I have never worked PRN / Flex and was just wondering if you can work more or just the 2 shifts per week. Thank you to anyone who can clear this up for me.

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  3. by   AuntieRN
    I can only tell you what flex means at my facility. I am flex. I schedule myself for whatever hours I want. If they do not need me they call me and if they need me on a day I did not schedule myself they call me. I believe we are required to work 1 weekend a month and 1 holiday a year. Other than that we work when we want to. I work every Fri and Sat night anyways. I wish you luck!!
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    For me it means you work a minimum of "Two shifts per week".
    In my case its actually a minimum of 3 shifts in 3 months. But I can work way over that if asked.
  5. by   Krista77
    I'm PRN where I work... the requirement is 36 hours in a 6 week period (24 of those hours need to be weekend). I have to work 3 critical staffing days a year (= holidays OR days where everyone seems to want off- like Mother's day for example).
    I always get full time hours right now because we must not have enough full time staff... and I've really only had a problem getting my hours like 4 different weeks over the last 2 years. Not bad.
    The pay rate is $25/hr (I'm in Kentucky). And no insurance benefits... luckily I'm married and get that part from my husband
    It's VERY flexible... BUT- I'm pulled to any of the four ICUs in my hospital... so getting that stable work environment just doesn't happen... especially when you don't really like one place over another!
    Good luck!
  6. by   nursebear22
    In my hospital in MD there are 4 levels of Flex. All with extra money but no benefits. I'm flexIII, meaning I have to work 96 hrs in a 6 week period, 2 summer and 2 winter holidays per year of my choosing. I am unit based flex, so I sign up for my schedule just like everyone else. I normally work night shift, so I work full time hours. My base rate is 32.90/hr and on nights its roughly 42/hr. I think it's great. I paid off my car early and have no credit card debt now.! good luck
  7. by   mom23RN
    When I went to flex time at my hospital all it required was working one day every 6 months!!!! :spin:
  8. by   snowfreeze
    Talk to your human resources department if you don't have a copy of details of your agreement for employment.
    Where I work it is one shift every schedule which is 4 weeks. If I work over a certain number of hours my hourly pay decreases. There are 3 levels of per-diem at this facility so my pay then again decreases after the second level of hours are worked and then again after the 3rd level is worked. So I never lose my high hourly pay for the initial shifts of 8 hours worked in 4 weeks.
  9. by   lsyorke
    We have two levels of "perdiem" flex. One is minimum of 4 days(two days must be weekend days) in a month. The other is minimum of 6 days(two days weekend shift) in a month. There is a $10.00 difference in pay(the 6 days a month get more money). There is no limit on how many days you can work. I work 3 days a week at the higher rate with very little cancelling.