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I was wondering if anyone can give their input on the legal ramifications of the licensed RN precepting GN's (graduate nurses). Some facilities now are hiring new grads who either are waiting for... Read More

  1. by   chloecatrn
    Quote from diligent-trooper
    I totally agree...and, why would a hospital wish to hire an individual who hasn't demonstrated the minimum competency for providing patient care? What do they do with these individuals if they fail the NCLEX?
    They are allowed to work as Patient Care Techs/Nursing Assistants until they pass their NCLEX.
  2. by   UDM2010
    When hired as a GN you still cannot push meds until you are licensed so what harm could it cause? It is the same as being a tech, but you are being trained into the RN role for when you pass your boards.
  3. by   klone
    In AZ, at least, there is no longer a "GN" designation. It's not an official title anymore. At the hospital I worked at as a new grad, graduate nurses were called "Extern II" until they passed the NCLEX. And the AZ BON had very specific policies on scope of practice for externs, including not being allowed to start IVs, do anything with IV maintenance, or pass meds of any kind.
  4. by   pers
    One of my states grants a temporary GN license for RNs that is good until the NCLEX is taken or a max of 90 days (and is only good right after graduation, I believe you have to apply within 3 months but might be sooner). If they pass the NCLEX they get a permanent license, if they fail they lose the GN license. Hospitals vary in policy on what happens then, some will allow the GN to work as a PCA or secretary while others don't allow them to transition to another job (and may or may not hold the RN position till they do pass). There are also variations in how much the GN can do, some have restrictions on meds and some have no restrictions at all other than having to remain in orientation. LPNs have no such temp license available.

    The other state I'm licensed in doesn't allow for a GN license.
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