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Hi there. If a patient or their family asks you to pray with them/for them, what do you say if you don't believe/have a religion/don't believe in prayer? Would it be considered offensive if you say... Read More

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    I think, this is more for the patient than yourself. Besides, they don't know you don't believe until you outrightly tell them. But when you do join their prayers, it means so very much more to them.

    On another tangent, in this present world of political correctness, I mean not to offend but to understand better. When you say you're an atheist, exactly how do you believe creation came about?

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    Put this in perspective.

    Is nodding your head with your fingers crossed behind your back going to really offend you just so your family, who is distressed, need that "extra" reassurance?

    I have also called Pastoral care to assist, and although I do not believe in the voodoo, have said "okay" to certain rituals, just for their benefit. They need it.

    It isn't about you, it's about them.
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    I've called the chaplain however sometimes there just isn't time.

    I agree - it is about the patient. Staying at the bedside and letting them take the lead, holding their hand, bowing your head, closing your eyes . .. is not that hard.

    And as someone mentioned, spiritual assessment and intervention is part of the nursing process.

    We have a big job.

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    I consider myself a Humanist. I certainly wouldn't be able to lead a prayer, but I do stand in silence and I do say Amen. I also refer to religion when I know a person has a certain religion- "God is looking over you in this time of pain, and I pray that he puts his healing hands on you" That may seem fake to some people, but I truly believe that everyone has the right to believe as they wish, as long as it doesn't interfere with the rights of others. I don't mind participating in it, even though I may not believe in it.

    The same thing can be said for homosexuality for example. While I am not homosexual, I will acknowledge a pts partner as the girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or whatever the pt has determined it. If a homosexual friend asked me to attend a gay pride event, I would do it. Essentially, even though I don't play for that team, I still support their rights.

    Same thing for religion. I may not be on the same team, but I still support it.
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