Pins with " guards"

  1. Hey all- when you chose your pin for pinning ceremony, did any of you get the one with the swanky chain and guard that says "RN"?? I cant decide on the plain pin (which would be easier to stick on my name badge) or the chain one.. is the chain and guard a big ol pain and you wished you hadnt gotten it.. or is it super cool and you are glad you did??
    soon to graduate Moon
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  3. by   pcicurn7
    I got the guard. The reason i got the guard was because the "RN" portion is detachable (using a pair of tweezers), and you can use it on something else (like your name badge). I have to tell looked really nice with the chain guard. i had some fellow nursing students who didnt get it to save $, and wound up regretting it later.
  4. by   TazziRN
    My pin has the school emblem on it and the guard is the lamp.
  5. by   P_RN
    Either way make sure you have the pins fastened really well. Mine was stolen just a few weeks into my job.

    I got a plated one from the pawn shop for about $10 but it's not the same. My Nursiing sorority pin was even more neat. It's a V and if you look closely it is a collar with points and a tiny pin. The guard is a small caduceus. Mostly I just have my year pins attached to my name pin. And I lost my 25 year one...had 3 diamonds too.
  6. by   moongirl
    good point on the getting it then I can remove it later if i want! thanks for the replies. sorry about your pins, P_RN !!!!
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