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  1. I took a phlebotomy class in 2003, finished 2nd in the class...but never took the certification exam. Now 5yrs later with a child, husband and new home...we need xtra income. Being I currently work in the medical department at the county jail, if I could get a refresher course and get certified, I could very well be their phlebotomist. Anyone in the New Jersey (northern) area know of anyone giving a review session that's open to the public, a website or online course (an inexpensive one)?
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  3. by   vampiregirl
    Depending on which organization you plan to get certified through, it would probably be a great idea to check their website. They may have requirements that you need to complete, or review materials available on-line if you have met all their requirements. Good luck!
  4. by   Tinksmom
    You know i've tried all the local hospitals, and they only have training for RN's or LPN's...I have checked the site of the NPA...but they require some hours and a certain amount of successfully documented sticks. Now my problem is finding someone who will allow me to practice, being my training was 5 yrs ago.
  5. by   coltsgrl

    here is a link to medtexx, I looked into last fall, just didn't have the money. It's $400 but you are certified in ONE WEEKEND!!! It is in New York on Sept. 6th. (it's a travelin' show!!) but, if you had the job lined up already, maybe they would pay for it???
  6. by   vampiregirl
    ASCP has an option for certification that might apply to you - depending when in 2003 you took your course (the course must have been completed in the last 5 years to qualify). Here's a link for you to investigate further:

    As for a weekend certification - I would carefully look into that to ensure that would either allow you do phlebotomy where you are wanting to work, that your state recognizes this certification or that with this certification you are eligible to sit for any of the nationally recognized certifications. I'm not implying this isn't legit - I'd just excercise caution with some place that promises a certification in a weekend for a certification that usually takes ~1 year, and requires clinical experience.
    But in your case, this might be a good refresher, since you've already taken the entire course, but some time has passed.
  7. by   MBA2RN
    Hi, can anyone help me find an IV Therapy certification in northern California? My program isn't teaching IV skills, and I really want to learn how to do this.