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Hello all! Recently a patient complained to his aunt that his night nurse "didn't care about me". This was a confused patient, admitted for flu-like symptoms, fever, etc. I noticed the patient was... Read More

  1. by   psalm
    Quote from diane227
    You know, some managers just don't know how to manage their way out of a paper bag. Now there may be other issues here that we don't know about. But when I used to get patient complaints I used to at least talk to the staff member and get their side of the story, or even before that, ask some of the other staff how it was going with that particular patient and family. Usually I would go talk to them myself so I could assess for myself if they were crazy or not. Some people are going to complain no matter what you do. You could be walking on water and they would not be happy. So who knows. But I think suspension is extreme. In one hospital where I used to work, we had a customer service class. If we had someone who needed communication help, we sent them to the customer service training class. Sometimes it helped, sometimes not.

    Could we maybe have a class for patients and their visitors on Hospital Etiquitte; What to expect; What NOT to expect; your rights as a patient; your Responsibilities as a patient; your role as a visitor?

    Maybe a short film on what the nurse does: get new admit: access; do new orders; IV & tests; meds; waiting for pharm to enter meds; interruptions in nursing (codes, falls, fire alarms etc). This is not making excuses...some people really thing that each patient has his/her own nurse. I've heard comments like "I want to go back to ICU, the service there is better"...
  2. by   southernbeegirl
    omg we work for the same woman!
  3. by   vivere
    Quote from Batman24
    Your manager is a moron. Consider this a blessing in disguise.
    LOL Thank you. I am considering it as a blessing and although I miss my co-workers, I am now relieved about the ending. I am still concerned about the pay cut, but got rid of my boyfriend also, so I will actually end up just fine. Lots of changes going on, and I am glad about it. Thanks for your support.
    memento vivere
  4. by   vivere
    Quote from southernbeegirl
    omg we work for the same woman!
    LOL....i don't think so...but its crazy to think that just because someone has an advanced degree, they can move into management and do a good job. my manager had no clue. She loved to talk about how she loves ICU nursing, but she hadn't taken care of patients in YEARS! (thank the Lord)
  5. by   sharpeimom
    patients and visitors do complain for some pretty dippy reasons sometimes. i'm so sorry about your situation. is there an appeals process?

    the two strangest (i think) complaints lodged against me were:

    1. i refused to cut up a piece of chicken into small bite-sized pieces for an able bodied 16 year old male, whose arm and hand worked just fine, thank you. complaint was by his over protective mother.

    2. i polished my nursing shoes but did not polish the laces or put in new ones. that complaint was from
    a charge nurse who had been a nurse in wwii and korea.

    good luck!

  6. by   leslie :-D
    my gosh, is it me or do all the whackos end up in nsg??

    viv, it sounds like a lot is going on with you.
    wishing you strength, faith and peace on your journey now and always.

  7. by   nursemike
    The thing about being dumped by a mean, ugly girlfriend (I suppose it's similar for boyfriends) is that you are bound to wonder, at some point, Gee, if she didn't want me, how big a loser must I be? But within a few weeks, all you are is glad to be out of it.

    Same with crappy jobs. Besides, you resigned, so you dumped them.

    Good for you.
  8. by   DeLana_RN
    It's a good thing you resigned, suspensions are typically followed by termination. Unfair? Sure, but it sounds like you're the scapegoat. Anyway, good riddance! You don't want to work for a fruitcake/terror like her.

    Best wishes,

  9. by   CR727
    Agreed. And you have the support of all of us on this board. We have all been there, and it could have been any one of us. Some people are just unhappy, and will complain in order to bring others down with them to their level. I am glad you resigned, it is not worth it to let others determine that you have lesser worth.
  10. by   freefalr
    vivere, that just stinks. don't let it get you down. you know in your heart that you provided excellent care to your patient.
    your manager can...well, what kathy griffin says. :spin:
    wait, your EX-manager!
    i hope you will find a workplace where you're appreciated.:heartbeat
  11. by   rngolfer53
    Quote from loricatus
    You said that you are one of many to resign. That says to me that it is an 'it's either you or me' attitude & you are one of many that become the scapegoat under this manager. It is a shame; but, there are many places like this. Hoping someday, somewhere, someone, will realize the problem lies with the management and not the worker in the pit.
    Sometimes managers are brought in to "clean house" if a unit has a record of complaints, etc. Not saying that this is the case here, because it doesn't sound like it.

    A number of people leaving after a regime change isn't all that unusual. If the new folks leave then it's a different animal.

    Unfortunately, many places--and not just in health care--don't give supervisors much if any training on how to supervise and manage.
  12. by   Tait
    A confused patient once told me they wanted to shoot me in the face. I didn't call the police and charge him with verbal threats.

    Why would a manager take the word of a confused patient over careful documentation of her nurse?

    I agree with Batman, you ex-manager was a moron.

  13. by   vivere
    I just want to say thank you to all who took a minute to support me, or just to comment about a similar situation. It crushed me a little to have this happen, because I am very proud of my nursing care, and have always received good responses from families and co-workers as well as from patients. Perhaps I just need to develop a tougher skin, but I was so incredibly insulted by the suspension, that felt I had no choice but to leave. I think it was time for me to leave, the hospital broke out in scandal after I left, and perhaps it would have been even MORE stressful, so God took care of me by allowing this to happen. I now have much more understanding of how a patient complaint will adversely affect the staff, as well as how devastating it can be to have management that does not support the nurse. I still believe that nurses should ALSO have respect and one should feel that they can curse at a nurse, or yell at him or her, or in any way abuse the nurse, and the nurse should not feel her job is in jeopardy if she is the target of a patient complaint. Yes, I could have appealed, but at the time, my hot head took over...and I quit. It's all water under the bridge now. I feel physically better, I am sleeping better, and I am not stressed out on the way to work any more.