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Hi, I am looking for guidance. I am an lpn that works on a unit with complex behaviours. Essentially , to sum it up ,early onset dementias ( so they are still young and ambulatory enough that... Read More

  1. by   Been there,done that
    "I can't report this and go back to work, because of how staff would treat me.

    I can't let it keep happening.

    There is also the false documentation."
    Know when to say when. Resign now. Report the abuse to the proper board.

    Best wishes, the truth will come out.
  2. by   dream'n
    Do the right thing by your patient's and your license. Who cares if other employees get pissed off? Jobs come and go, but you won't get any work as a nurse if you lose your license. Do your work so that you can always defend yourself with the BON and continue to look yourself in the mirror.
  3. by   Emeraldsight

    If you report the illegal actions that you are forced to do & the abuse you are forced to ignore because your job is in jeopardy you will not get into trouble with the board.

    Your job as a nurse is to be a a patient advocate. Which you are not doing. You are allowing patients to be abused. Your inactions is also a form of abuse.

    Call the board right now. Do what is right.
  4. by   Joyfulnurse79
    I did go to my manager. She has asked me to submit it in writing. She plans to forward it.

    I spoke to my regulating body as well. They are going to back me .

    I do have genuine concern that the witnesses will not tell the truth.

    I am fully aware that this is abuse, and i am a mandatory reporter. So i did. I would have, anyhow.

    I am also fully aware of how people can adapt to their surroundings, learn from nurses who are burnt out. This particular population of patients is extremely difficult. I am not making excuses, but i am aware that getting punched, kicked, bit , called names, having feces flung on you etc day in day out can do something to a psyche.

    I feel as though there needs to be self awareness as to if this type of nursing is a good fit or not, and unfortunately, not everyone has that.

    This will truly be a problem though. My licensing board has told me if need be they can help me find a new job. The hospital will have to accomodate me as well if need be.

    There is no doubt in my mind the fall out from sone of my co workers will be huge and i will have to move on.

    I live pay cheque to pay cheque and both of those could potentially take a long time. In an ideal world, i could do something else in the meantime, but where i live, jobs are scarce.

    My manager told me in our meeting that she tells all the new grads to " model themselves " after me when questioning how to interact with these patients. I am fully aware i am good at what i do, and truly love it.

    I think this situation is not only horrible for that patient ( and others) but reflects on what a toxic profession nursing can be , when you consider all the contributing factors in this situation.

    I am really heartbroken over all of this.
  5. by   ChryssyD
    I'm so sorry you're in this position. I work in a setting much like yours and I know what your staff is going through, but there is simply no excuse for the scenes you have described. Your manager should not "forward" your complaint--s/he should have a mandatory meeting IMMEDIATELY and lay down the law: Anyone found to be engaging in abusive behavior will be in a world of %#@&. Period.

    By the way, does your facility use cameras? They can really cramp an abuser's style.

    I hope it works out well for you and your patients. You're doing the right thing--thank you.