painful stimuli vs noxious stimuli?

  1. Does noxious stimuli mean the same thing as painful stimuli? Without my testbook being to direct, noxious is NOT the same as painful stimuli. Also, what are some examples of noxious stimuli? I would imagine that applying pressure the nail bed would NOT be an example of this???????
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  3. by   rn-jane
    Noxious stimuli would be anything that was adversive to the patient. Doing a sternal rub or babinski reflex to the foot is not painful but can be quite irritaing if they are trying to zone you out.
  4. by   nursej22
    Perhaps stimulating other senses--smelling salts, loud, abrupt noise, oral care, flashlight to check pupils...
  5. by   nurseshepherd
    'Buzzing' a fetus in utero in order to get it to move/turn is an example of noxious stimulation (uses a device similar to an artificial larynx) which does not hurt the baby but certainly gets a reaction which is the goal. Sternal rubs usually do hurt and I would put them in the painful stimuli category......
  6. by   sequelae
    painful stimule is an example of noxious stimuli...

    painful stimuli,, example= needle prick,,,

    noxious stimuli,, example= loud sounds,,, bright lights, glare
  7. by   rn/writer
    All painful stimulation is noxious (unpleasant).

    But not all noxious stimuli is painful.

    The example of "buzzing" a fetus is a good example. Not painful, but definitely unpleasant.

    Just add "ob" to noxious and you should get the picture.