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So I have a question: A patient of mine (who was a nurse) told me that if the patient is sleeping, then they are not in pain. Since I am a new nurse, I a little gun-shy with pain meds (I... Read More

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    There have been many times when a patient says their pain is a 10/10 and they are laughing/talking on the phone. In my mind, yes, I do judge, but I don't withhold their pain medication. Pain is whatever the patient says it is, and as long as their vital signs are okay and they're due, I'll medicate them.
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    When I had my tonsilectomy (at 19 y.o.), I had to wake up in the night to take my pain medication. If I didn't, I would wake up in excrutiating pain in the morning. I think this is another consideration, maybe the patient isn't in pain during sleep, but if enough time lapses between doses, they may soon be in a LOT of pain.
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