Opening Sharps Containers - page 3

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Is it against OSHA standards to open used sharps containers? Where I work the needle count is closely watched, as it is a very high security job. A lost needle could be detrimental to all staff. To help deter this the DON has... Read More

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    If the mangement is so crazy as to want you to count syringes and put the nurses at risk, I guess they should do it themselves. Sounds like a mangement job to me! Watch how fast that dumb rule would change, huh?
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    It is a scary thing to get a needlestick. And in a correctional facility? I can only imagine. It is not worth the risk to go through dirty needles. Please for your own sake keep firm on this issue. It is a violation of OSHA standards for a very good reason. You are that reason. Take care of yourself.