Online Nursing Skills Tutorial?

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    Hi nurses!

    I am an RN looking to refresh my skills and recently saw a demo of the Mosby Nursing Skills tutorial. I'd really love to get a subscription to this but after reviewing the website it looks like it is only available to institutions.

    Does anyone know of any other site that you can pay to become a member and view nursing skills online. Mosby looked so neat because you could literally pick any skill you could think of...

    Thank you!
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    hi have you done a search on youtube or google video? there is also a great resource on flash card exchange i highly recommend, just look for the nursing or rn tag
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    I second the motion, You Tube is amazing for nursing video resources. Just don't tell anyone you saw it on Utube! Might make them wonder what else you've been looking at on Utube!
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    Thank you for the recommendations. No, I hadn't tried that. I was so in love with the Mosby program, I really wanted it! Boo hoo. Oh well.

    Off I go....:wink2:
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    This one is free. I was just looking at it the other day.
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    wow awesome videos! im barely gonna check them out but the thumbs look awesome, i also recommend you try the flashcard page, if you also need stuff like pharm, etc, go to the main page and look at the very end of the page, there you can find subjects by tags, pathology, medical, cadrio, etc

    and these are the ones put under "nursing", take a look its got a wealth of stuff in here

    michigangirl thanx for that awesome link =D

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