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  1. i am a RN and looking for an online job for a insurance company. i've looked online for insurance companies hiring RN's but unable to find any. what kind of insurance companies hire RN's? how do i look online for RN jobs? i tried life insurance companies but saw no employment offered. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you all in adavnce. :heartbeat
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  3. by   iamablonde1970
    I would google all the major insurance companies you know....go to their websites and then look for a tab that says something like "career opportunities" or "employment" or something like that. Usually you can search your area and see what jobs are out there. You can usually upload your resume right from their website. Companies are making it alot easier to apply for jobs with the web.

    I work for an insurance company doing Utilization Review and Case Management and I found this job in the local newspaper. We do have nurses who work from home, but I do not. I chose an alternative work schedule instead. In our company if you work from home, you have to work Mon-Fri. I chose a schedule of Mon-thurs 8:30 to 6pm with every other Friday off.

    I would also check and

  4. by   TrickieTam
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield hires RNs for case management. I have a cousin who works in claims there and tells me when I finish RN school to seek out health insurance companies because Case Management is on the rise.
  5. by   stephmj
    I'm on a medical leave right now because I have a problem with my foot, I had surgery and I'm limping now. Case management from home could work for me. How's the pay? What does a case manager for an insurance company actually do?