Omit job from apps?

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    Is it ethical to omit a job from applications, or would that be dishonest / falsification? I had a short (3-4 month) job as a student at a local facility. It went poorly and I ended up quitting with no notice. This is an employment at will state. I'm not worried about the gap in employment because it was during nursing school so I wasn't working other than that short job. Now it's time to start my job search and I'm a little freaked out.

    Do I put it in there and risk potential employers hearing negative things about me? Or do I leave it off and risk being accused of lying?

    I'm not talking about the resume' - I know I can leave it off that by considering it 'irrelevant'. I'm talking about the employer's application, which they will make me fill out before they hire me - a resume' is not going to cut it for more than securing an interview.

    If I do put it on the application, then what? Do I call attention to it and say 'please don't contact these people'? Do I explain that it was a summer internship and hope they don't call for a reference? All the apps I've seen around here ask for not only the employer but also the supervisor. I *really* don't want them contacting the supervisor. If I felt sure that all they'd do was confirm dates of employment, that's one thing - but I'm not so sure about that.

    I got burned at that job. I also learned a few lessons about watching my back. Can I just chalk it all up as a learning experience? Boy... I'd sure rather just pretend it never happened.

    Advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    i am pretty sure past employers aren't really allowed to say anything negative about you-they can only answer the questions the current place asks them about you.
    and you should say something on the app about the job. was it nursing related? if they find out you deliberately left it off the application, then they could fire you, since it is an at will employment state (i also live in one of those).
    good luck! if it were me, i wouldnt push my luck by not putting it on there.
    love, rose
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    What concerns me is that employers have ways of conveying dissatisfaction without actually coming right out and saying something negative about a former employee. I've done HR, I know how it goes.

    It was indeed a nursing related position - I should have been smart enough to leave when the personality conflicts started, but I convinced myself to stick it out through the end of the summer... unfortunately it finally got so bad I couldn't take another minute of it and at that point it was 'quit without notice' or explode at someone. I took the high road, lol.

    Aiyiyi. You're right... I need to put it on there. I guess I can just be honest about it, and if they bother to ask I can explain about it being a learning and growth opportunity. Lessons learned, eh? Let's hope the 'nursing shortage' overrides the desire to screen someone out for one blip on an otherwise great work history.

    My other concern is that a former instructor, who knows about that experience, now works at one place I'm interested in working. She's got a vindictive streak, knows a lot of people, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she were to put a bug in someone's ear to check my application and see if I included that experience. Hmmm. I'd forgotten about that. Thanks for your reply... anyone else?

    How to put the positive spin on it? *grin*
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    I've had jobs where I've quit the same day or two to three weeks later, and do not mention them on my apps or resume. I do not mention them because those "minute jobs" aren't relevant to me. I don't personally care what the employer thinks about them being omitted. I'm the one who is "bringing in the money" for the employer by servicing the employer's customers.

    If I were you, I'd leave it off. It isn't relevant. If they find out about it and question you as to why you omitted it from your app, then honestly tell them that "it wasn't relevant anymore" in your opinion.
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    Good question. I've been grappling with that one myself. Is there a chance that anyone who worked with you at that place will be at one of the new places you apply?
    If you don't put it down , get hired then it turns out someone from the past comes back to haunt you. You could get fired for the ommision. If you get fired for omiting a past job then what? You'll be in the same position again, "Nip it in the bud" as Barney says.To be on the safe side, I would put it on the app. That way if they hire you and someone from your last job is there, you have been up front with the employer and won't be waiting for the axe to fall if you're ratted on. Mean people love to dish dirt on others. You can try to do damage control by telling them you left without notice ,you can say that you were being abused and left or that you had to leave the job because at that time ,school was the main priority. I'm guessing that like LPN school, fail a class and you're out of the program and schools don't care how close graduation is. Explain also that it is not your standard operating procedure. Although legally former employers can only give dates of employement and whether or not you're eligible for rehire.You never know what really goes on.
    The only thing that can come from being honest is that you won't get that job. Eventually someone would hire you because just as there are a lot of mean,nasty people out there, there are also a lot of decent ones who have been in that same boat before.
    You don't want a "liar" rep.
    good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    It's sad that mean and vindictive people are in positions to affect other people's lives . Many of them have no qualm about stabbing someone just because they know they can.
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    it was only 3 -4 months. you do not have to list it. You can just indicate in school at that time if you really wanted to accoun tfor the time.
    The rules for reference information varied from state to state, but it is true that most states can only varify dates of employment with no mention of work history or if you are eligable for rehire.

    I would not list it. too insignificant to cause a problem for ommision down the road.. now if you eliminated something that you were employed at for so 1 - 2 years or so.. then that is significant and needs to be listed, along with an explanation as to why you left. (Be honest if you have to explain.)
    as for the short time you are talking about... dump it and don't worry about it.
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    Why not call the the facility and say "I am calling about Nurse Weasel..." and see first hand what they will say about you, then at least you'll know.
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    Ooooo, good one, Boe!
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    Quote from Boe
    Why not call the the facility and say "I am calling about Nurse Weasel..." and see first hand what they will say about you, then at least you'll know.
    Splendid idea

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