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A gaunt, elderly gentleman in bib overalls appeared in front of the ancient farmhouse, smoking an unfiltered cigarette and watching me closely as I pulled off the road into the dusty driveway. Next to him stood a dark-haired... Read More

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    Oh gee, WHY did you have to put that last sentence in there! (weep) Thank you sweetums.
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Yes. (((((((((((((TN))))))))))))))
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    Quote from prmenrs
    My mom died a couple of years ago. After an intense 4 days w/my sisters and her caregivers @ her bedside, she passed around noon. I was so exhausted, I didn't feel safe to drive the 10 miles back to my own house. ~ 2am, I was sitting sort of stuporously on the couch I had been sleeping on and I got the strongest picture in my mind: my Dad's face w/the biggest grin I'd ever seen, and I thought, "She made it!"
    what a gift!
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    Oh, the joy when Roy and Laura were reunited! I can only imagine!
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    I can only hope that Laura was there on the stairs to help him down
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    I wonder how u feel atimes when u pen down these words. I'm all teary now. all I can say is Thank you.
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    Beautifully written. I could picture everything - like a movie in my mind. Thank you.

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