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I was a very naughty student during my nursing college days. Does not follow the appropriate uniform at times,Always arrives late during our scheduled clinical rotations, does not listen to... Read More

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    you really got a funny experience huh..nice! i like it! LOL
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    You would probably be terminated that very day for endangering your patient's safety by sleeping, if you were in my program. And, really, ask your common sense why a doctor would need to know if a cardiac patient's toilet was functioning well, and what other things might you want to check for a full minute on a cardiac patient?

    You're whole attitude about this is worrisome, and your lack of commonsense is also.
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    I was appalled by this story. I'm pretty sure SLEEPING during a clinical would get you completely kicked out of our program, nevermind just failing clinical. It is so unprofessional and irresponsible and not to mention dangerous-- that is pure ABANDONMENT of your patient. Grow up and take nursing seriously or GTFO.