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I was a very naughty student during my nursing college days. Does not follow the appropriate uniform at times,Always arrives late during our scheduled clinical rotations, does not listen to endorsements and sometimes instead of... Read More

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    you are exactly the kind of classmate that makes my blood boil! :angryfire everyone else is working so hard just to survive through nursing school, so terrified that if they make one mistake it could be the mistake to fail them or end their career while you joke your way through it. some (like myself) are still working 40 hours a week to maintain bills and we make sure to make it on time and stay awake. i work 12hr nights 7p-7a and go to class @ 830am and i make it on time and do not fall asleep! and before anyone goes i am not a 50 year old nurse. im 25 and single with no kids and a fabulous sense of humor, however, this story is not funny. it is sad. you are disrespectful and i hope you have either a.) learned from this experience and improved you behavior or b.) gotten a job far enough away from me that i dont ever have to worry about working with you.
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    Mr. LSTCats, I agree. Even though it was very strict when I was in nursing school I am grateful today for filtering-out those students who were not compliant with the standards of dress, behavior, and I believe there is a correlation of good student/good nurse. Thanks
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    Quote from geniebea
    are you kidding me? its instructors like you with no sense of humor, that would fail a hard working student for a language barrier. you are an instructor, I am glad that i am not in your class. most nurses have sense of humor, which you apparently do not. hmmm let me guess, you also believe that nurses must eat their young?? old school...
    gee i wonder what kind of nurse YOU are today? and how many people want to hang out with such a stiffie! get a grip, debbie downer!
    Like others have pointed out, there was nothing in the original post to indcate that this person is hard working.

    More importantly though, I want to respond to the language barrier thing. What makes you think that people who speak English as a second language should be given extra consideration in the nursing field? The fact is, people's health is on the line, and being able to communicate in english is an absolute requirement to safely do your job. Sorry, but if you can't speak english well enough, then you shouldn't be a nurse....there is just too great a risk that a miscommunication error could endanger someone's life. This goes for nurses in any country: For example, I would love to live in France, but I don't speak French well enough to safely do the job, so it would be irresponsible of me to pursue a carreer in nursing there.
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    I am so glad to see all the comments about this serious issue. I am glad that most everyone has seen the light about this topic. Thanks also to OC85 for clarifying the "language barrier" issue as this is something I deal with as an instructor all the time. Nursing schools seem to let people in even w/ poor English speech and grammar. I think it is in part, fear of being labeled discriminating. If the students only understood that this is a matter of life and death for a patient than they wouldn't take it so personal. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Crazy experience!!!
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    This sounds like the Amelia Bedelia of Nursing.
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    Funny story if you are a layperson who has no investment in patient care. Sadly the language barrier is all to real I'm afraid, and maybe this is how this individual copes with the distress. But yeah, late, wrong uniform, sleeping? come back when you grow up!
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    I.. am kind of speechless. There are limits to when things are funny. It's almost cute and funny, sure, but it also kind of makes me wanna smack you. Grow up.
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    LOL That's a very goood story! Thanks for sharing it!
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    No offense, it's irresponsible to treat your career something as important as nursing like it's nothing, but i did get a giggle :uhoh21:

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