Nursing shortage?

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    what does it mean when i hear many speak of a nursing shortage? i use to read about his online and i always wanted to know. does this mean being a nurse is too stressful and hospitals can't keep nurses to work there?

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    yes, it means that, and a bunch of other things; it's multifaceted.

    one thing to note is the demand of students seeking an undergraduate BSN degree. they're aren't enough faculty to teach the students.
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    I've also heard there is a shortage of experienced nurses. Some hospitals are reluctant to hire new grads because they don't stay very long and it costs a lot to train them.
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    There is no true nursing shortage. If a real nursing shortage existed, the nursing pay rates would be higher in many places. If a real nursing shortage existed, then there wouldn't be so many unemployed new graduate nurses across the U.S. In fact, many regions are presently suffering from an overage (surplus) of nurses due to the slumping economy.
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    A shortage comes into being when an administrator feels s/he has no other choice but to hire a nurse. It goes away when an administrator figures out how s/he can get away with axing the requirement.
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    We have a nursing glut in western PA. Lots of nursing programs producing lots of new graduates, plus one of the areas health systems failing and laying off RNs equals no nursing shortage in this area.

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