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So, I came across this website: and to my surprise, could not believe how many nurses hate their job. Go ahead, read some the stories on that site and tell me what you think about it.... Read More

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    When I worked as a staff nurse in the hospital, yes, I really felt like it was that bad! One of the greatest things about nursing though is that there are lots of options. If you are going to work crying everyday, try something new. Try a different shift, a new floor, a different specialty. If you don't enjoy hospital nursing, get out! So many nurses limit themselves to acute care nursing and think that's all there is out there. I got out of the hospital after a year and I haven't looked back since. I found my passion in home health nursing, which also has it's ups and downs, but I always considered my worst day in home health better than my best day in acute care.

    The other great thing about nursing- the options to advance in your education, both within nursing or outside in related fields. I went back to school for a master's degree in health care administration after a few years of being a nurse and it's helped my career in so many ways. I never appreciated the real value of being an RN until I applied for positions where I was competing with others who were not RNs. In many health administration or health care-related positions, the RN will definitely give one an edge over those who are not nurses. I've found my degree combinations and my nursing experience are very attractive to potential employers for positions outside of direct care nursing.

    I no longer work in direct patient care and that's okay with me. I still consider myself a nurse and a patient advocate and I use my nursing experience and education on a daily basis in my job. I think that it's unfortunate that so many nurses continue on doing what they are doing, hating their jobs, and hating their chosen career path when there are SO many options out there.

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    I think it would be a mistake to assume that the stories on that website are a representative sampling of how all nurses feel about their jobs. I believe it suffers from the same selection bias as pretty much all such websites (including AN), i.e. that people are much more motivated to seek out a place to post their story when they are angry, upset, frustrated, or burnt out, and are looking for a place to vent. That doesn't mean the stories aren't real -- they are, and yes, nursing is that bad -- for the individuals who posted those stories.

    I think you can get a sense of the selection bias by looking at the titles of the stories from non-nurses on that site. Looks like about 90% of the stories on that site are negative, regardless of what job people are posting about.

    To get a more accurate sense of how most nurses feel about their jobs, you would need to find a survey designed to be a representative sampling. My guess is that such a survey may exist somewhere -- the place to try to look it up would be in the nursing literature in a peer reviewed journal, not random stories posted on the Internet.

    Just my

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