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  1. Since 2009, I've signed up year after year for an AACN membership ever January. I don't think I'm going to renew my membership. I don't feel like nursing organization really do much for nurses except maybe hand out a few free CEUs (which in AZ you're not even required to do annually). Now that we under AHA starting 2014, I believe nurses are going to become more and more regulated by the Federal Government, that any free thinking by an RN will essentially be extinct. What is your opinion on nursing organizations?
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    Ours is leading practice in our field, which benefits patients and families. Others I have belonged to have done likewise. If, for example, you look up Standards of Practice for various nursing specialties, you will find that they have been developed and promulgated by professional nursing organizations. I am sorry you are not seeing what yours do. Perhaps you should be more involved so you can facilitate understanding better?

    Far from extinguishing free thinking by RNs, the ACA (not AHA) actually gives nursing more prominence in health care. You can look it up. Oh, wait, you're from AZ. So... you don't need to.
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    so GrnTea...I take it you are trying to insult me there...
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    Quote from dh07RN
    so GrnTea...I take it you are trying to insult me there...
    No need to conclude that.
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    I've been a member of the ENA since I was a student. I go to chapter meetings, have used my discount on courses to improve my skills, and have really benefitted from the networking of active membership. It also has helped keep me up to date on issues facing ER nurses outside if the hospital I work in. If all you're using your organization membership for is CEUs you don't need, it sounds more like an issue of not making the most of membership. In which case, you're right- why bother?