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nursing/medical shorthand and symbols

  1. 0 Hi everybody. I'm planning on starting my BSN this fall and am hoping to get a head start on a few things. Does anyone know of a website that has all of the nursing/medical shorthand and symbols? I want to start studying them now, that way there will be less to study then.

    Or, if somebody has this in a document, please PM me and I'll get you my email address.

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    Did you try googling it?
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    I did but I couldn't seem to find anything exhaustive. There were a couple of sites that offered a bit but not much. I found a website that acronyms (i.e. PRN = as needed) but nothing with the actual symbols (i.e. 'c' with a line over it for 'with').
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    Came up on a Google search (first link).

    A good medical dictionary will include abbreviations and symbols too.
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    awesome! thanks! i must have been searching for the wrong key words.
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    There are a few links on this thread (from the student nurse forum) that you might also find helpful:

    HTH! (Hope that helps! )