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Hi, I'm very new to the Forum and I've spent some time reading various threads on the subject I'm about to touch on. I've decided to post probably for my own reassurances, but also mainly to vent a little bit about a situation I... Read More

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    Quote from misty246
    I'm in school online to finish my BSN. I am within 6 classes of graduating. My husband and I take advantage of "school breaks." I'm on a 3 week break now and scheduled my "vacation" from work during this time. School is tough and the time spent studying and completing assignments is tremendous but we do take a day off here and there when I am off work and take a "day trip," we will go somewhere we want to go nearby home. I admit that we do not spend as much time together as we would like but he understands that my education is very important for both of our futures. He is extremely supportive of my study time. The time we miss together because of my schoolwork and work is stressing on both of us.
    I feel your pain, but I am on the other side of the fence. My husband is getting his Master's in Public Health, and our together time is cut short often. To combat this to a degree, I ask him what his assignments are and what papers he is working on. I try to help him with the "legwork" of researching so that he can immediately put his hands on articles/papers/presentations when he needs them. I also learn a great deal about PH, so it helps us both!

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