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If I were to explain the difference between the art and science of nursing, I would say that it is having a patient trust that you are going to take all of the aspects of their process seriously. That you are compassionate,... Read More

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    Great example summit.

    I've realized that what we do is NOT "just a job" it is a craft. I think if all the critical thinking skills I have used, especially in places where there was really no supplies, but found ways to fulfill my patient's interventions. Very crafty indeed...
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    thats exactly how I feel from the "undesirables" to having their back....i hate nights like last night but man I take pride in being a nurse. I absolutely still love it 11 years later!
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    Quote from hopefulwhoop
    Nursing is neither an art nor a science. It's just a job.
    You need to leave the profession immediately.