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Nursing 101: Interval between 2 different inhalers?

  1. 0 [font="comic sans ms"]wow! this seems like a very simple question but sometimes the fine details are not clearly recalled. especially when you get to be as old as i am.

    i have a question regarding inhalers. what is the proper time interval wo wait between giving two different inhalers? i remember learning 5 minutes but is this wrong? has it changed?

    thank you for your kind responses. i feel like this is something i should just know. but in teaching a new nurse, i want to get it absolutely right.

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    I hope someone has the exact answer, I usually first ask my patient how long do they wait at home between use of two inhalers both scheduled for the same time. Many of them tell 5-10 min, some have said they wait an hour.

    For my daughter. It does not say on his how long to wait in between. So I have simply reminded her one is as needed for so called attacks and the other one is scheduled twice a day therefore there should not be a reason to use them at the same time.

    I look forward to an exact answer.
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    :spin:No wait. Just give bronchodilator first (slow deep breath and hold) take a few breaths, then give steroid. rinse mouth
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    Give the beta adrenergic (such as Proventil) first. Wait about 5 minutes. This allows the drug to open the airways allowing for better distribution of the glucocorticoid (Vanceril, Beclovent), which would follow.
    Use a spacer, and remember to rinse the mouth after the corticosteroid.
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    You are ALL so very awesome. This is the best resource I have ever found during my nursing career. Thank you to everyone!

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    Shoot...I should know this too. I'm pretty sure that in LTC (where regs are all wacked) it is 15 minutes between different meds. I'm about 100% sure it is 5 minutes in between each puff.
    Yeah, right!
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    I just finished my first semester of nursing school, and we were taught to give at least 1-2 minutes between breaths and between different inhalers. If using multiple inhalers, use the short acting first. Hope this helps:wink2: Never said 5 minutes, just 1-2.
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    I work in LTC and our policy is 1 minute between puffs of same inhaler and 5 minutes between different inhalers.
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    Hi I am currently in my first year of nursing school and I found in my Pharmacology book under principles of drug administration correct use of metered-dose inhaler that if a second dose is required wait 1-2 minutes and repeat procedure, if a glucocorticoid inhalant is to be used with a bronchodilator wait 5 minutes before using the inhaler containing the steroid. This is to allow enough time for the bronchodilator to sufficiently open the airways for better absorption of the other medicine.

    P.S. I realize this answer is a couple of years after the question has been posted but I thought it may be useful to another looking up the same question.