Nurses week Cheap gifts from admin.

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    So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation.

    Over the last four years as a nurse I have received -

    A calculator that broke in one week,
    A fanny pack that was made out of sheet plastic,
    A coupon for a free cookie from the cafeteria,
    Shoelaces with the hospital logo,
    A lunch bag made out of the same sheet plastic as the fanny pack,
    And the only gift that was ever usefull, a badge holder like the drug reps give out where your badge is on a string with a spring.

    so what kind of gifts does your institution pony up for?

    There have to be some worse ones than mine.

    We all know that a cheap trinket from our employer will ensure our future longevity with said institution. So what made you stay working where you are.
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    How about NONE? Nobody here is medically oriented, and have no concern or interest for whether there might be a Nurses DAY, much less a Nurses WEEK!
    Of course, my manager is the HR Manager, a well-read, well-educated, well-traveled woman. Do you suppose during all of this she ever saw a sign anywhere about Nurses Week?
    I've thought of putting up a sign, or something, but that is tooting your own horn pretty darned loud...
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    OK, I've been at my hospital for 2 nurse's week now. One year I got an umbrella, last year I got a fanny pack.

    This year, one of my coworkers cama across a company that makes these pins. They are blue or pink and have little feet on them. Since we work post partum, she thought this woud be a neat thing to display on our name tags. And much more personal than the fanny pack.

    Our supervisor came onto the unit a couple of days ago, said she checked into it and they cost $1 each and "there's absolutely no way we're spending that much on the nurses."

    They've budgeted $25-50.

    I can't wait for management week.

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    OK - here is a list of the tokens I received for nurse week during the 7 years I was at my last agency:
    1) nothing
    2) notta
    3) zilch
    4) nil
    5) goose egg
    6) blankers
    7) and last but not least, not a da*m thing

    I don't work there anymore, as of 3/28/02
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    How about a luncheon that's held in an agency office during the noon hour when only the office staff can participate. All the field staff are at their client's homes or at school with their patients and can't leave. Or how about $10 off CPR recert (WHAT A PERK!!)Or how about a nice highligter? WOW!!! I COULDN'T HAVE LIVED WITHOUT THAT ONE!!! And it was nice to be able to provide free advertising to the agency whenever I used it!
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    I have it pretty good I guess. The last place I worked they gave us all a T-shirt I ac tually still sometimes, and the place I work at now hosts a dinner at a hotel and each nurse (I've heard) gets a crystal vase. Not too bad,

    I've never actually worked for a place like I do now. They are almost too good to us as far as i am concerned. We'll be moving in a couple years and I may not want to leave. Some of the perks are free meal passes, free uniforms, free health and life insurance, everyone .5-1.0 FTE gets it!
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    Originally posted by Mary Dover
    OK - here is a list of the tokens I received for nurse week during the 7 years I was at my last agency:
    1) nothing
    2) notta
    3) zilch
    4) nil
    5) goose egg
    6) blankers
    7) and last but not least, not a da*m thing

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    we got tee shirts, but that was for staff appreciation in general
    and mine kinda got holes in it really quickly from being washed after the whole 2 times I wore it so now its just kinda in my drawer at home.....

    also a nice magnet for my fridge
    yay huh?!?!

    last year we had a bbq in which we got either a hot dog or a hamburger, and a drink..
    again for overall staff appreciation, not just nursing
    this year the agenda for nurses week includes a ticket for a free cafeteria breakfast
    which would include like a hashbrown and 1 strip of bacon or something ,no drink :P
    apparently we can sign up for a massage during that week but the location and sign up sheets havent been posted yet, so that could be a mean vicious rumour...
    hmmm last year we got bagel breakfasts delivered to each floor, so not too bad...

    but still, nurses are so vital you would think every place could go all out for one lousy week right?
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    I have to say that the hospital where I work now is pretty good to the nurses during nurses week. I think they have drawings for movie tickets and the like; they give out gourmet dessert-ish treats when we pick up our paychecks, and I think one day they bring in hoagies, salads and sodas for each shift.

    The hospital where I used to work gave us similar trinkety things as those mentioned previously that felt more like an insult than anything. We got these triangular silver pens one year with the hospital name on them (really tough to hold) and a glass mug with their logo on it and a candle poured into it...
  12. 0 I've got a question... What kind of things could a manager give his/her staff that would make them feel appreciated? I agree, many of the items are incredibly tacky!

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