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How do you carry your stethoscope? Do you keep it around your neck, tucked in your pocket or do you have the belt clip? Do you even keep it with you? Or do you use the (shudder) public, staff... Read More

  1. by   lovelewis
    Wearing the stethoscope around the neck represents for some insecure individuals a status symbol or badge of honor. According to several recent studies they are carriers of a multitude of germs and are a source of cross contamination on the units. With that said, they should not be carried around the neck but on a belt clip or pocket and cleaned in between patients. You wash your hands and clean your stethoscope, simple as that . Another reason to not carry one around your neck is security; some patients will be confused and or combative and they can reach for the stethoscope and pull you and potentially harm you.
  2. by   ukgingernut
    I am so glad you mentioned that. I have a hand me down, excellent stethoscope which is great except I have to manually straighten it out before I use it. It is very stiff. After I find my first job (proving more difficult than I had thought), I will probably buy a new one.
    P.s. mine is a dusty pale pink.
  3. by   escpthemadnss
    I put my stethoscope around my neck some days and others I use my belt clip. I have Arnold-Chiari Malformation and when my head and neck are hurting too much, even my lightweight Littman Master Classic II is too much pressure to have on my neck, though I prefer my stethoscope around my neck. Just habit. Some of the residents I work with have a habit of coming by and sticking their hands in people's pockets, so nothing but a pen goes into my scrub top pockets. For whatever reason I've never had anyone try to reach into my pants pockets, so I take advantage of my cargo pants.
  4. by   melmarie23
    I wear it around my neck. I keep my hair pulled back.

    Mine is the Littman Classic SE in teal. Might get a pedi one next......depends on where I get hired (if I get hired I should say!)
  5. by   JustMe
    My stethoscope is PINK--the docs don't steal pink stethoscopes
  6. by   sissiesmama
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    I have a Littmann Classic II SE in Black...I ususally keep it around my neck, but sometimes it balances(quite perfectly) on my right shoulder.
    Yes, mine feels more comfortable there on my shoulder than around my neck.

    Anne, RNC
  7. by   sn1222
    I have a Littmann Classic II SE in breast cancer awareness pink! I LOVE it! I havent ran into anyone with the same one yet a lot of girls in my class have the same kind but in black or dark purple, I think the pink is very lovely and fun and supports breast cancer all at the same time! I also have a matching navy blood pressure cuff that has the pink breast cancer ribbon embroidered on it!
    I used to carry it on my neck but it got annoying and I realized how UNSANITARY it was.. ick! now its in my pocket
  8. by   lizzieborden
    I try not to wear it around my neck. When I'm charting, I leave the stethoscope on my desk and when I go see one of my patients, I carry the stethoscope. I started getting intense neck pain and I realized it was from the stethoscope around my neck!
  9. by   EarthChild1130
    I use only my own stethescope, and I have deep pockets so it rides in there...I'd love a belt clip. I'm a psych nurse...nothing goes around the neck! lol
  10. by   Bortaz, RN
    Quote from CaperLPN
    I had a doc doing rounds last week with a Hunter orange steth, guess he had lost a few,lol.
    I don't think I've ever met a doctor that had his own steth. :P
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    Quote from sissiesmama
    My thought, exactly, Moogie - I bet he would look kind of silly, with it swinging to his knees!!

    Anne, RNC
    Hi Anne, good to see you posting again. Hope all is well in your life.
  12. by   dad22
    I had a confused patient try to strangle me with my stethoscope hanging around my neck and therefore it has stayed in my pocket for 36 years! If an aide hadn't walked into the room when she did, I wouldn't be here to post this!
  13. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    Hi Anne, good to see you posting again. Hope all is well in your life.
    Hey! Glad to see u too!!