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  1. by   AndrewCraigRN
    Quote from Lisa anthony
    Is there a need for nurse aides to help eith hurricane
    CNAs are a cornerstone to healthcare. Harvey or not, you are ALWAYS needed and MUCH appreciated!
  2. by   PearlGrey
    We are Houston Strong!!!! Most people were out helping yesterday, we were in the rain donating and volunteering, we had to wait in lines to get into the few grocery and department stores that were open to buy items needed by people who were evacuated from their homes. A friend's sons and his friends from college worked through the night on Monday into Tuesday rescuing people from their flooded homes. It was gut wrenching to watch my city go under water like that. So much damage, so many lives changed forever, but by God's grace, we will get through this and we will rebuild, it may take time, but it will get done.
    Thank you all so much for your love and support. Thank you.
  3. by   jacksonvillelpn
    According to another post I read, the Texas board of nursing will fast-track both LPNs and Rns.
  4. by   LessValuableNinja
    Quote from Lycoriselaine
    Is there a way to help out for those of us who can? I am an LVN in California and also in school for my Bachelor's but having difficulty finding info on volunteering.
    Both the medical nurse corps and red Cross are accepting nurse volunteers for shelter ops and deployment to coastal areas impacted.
  5. by   mandasue27
    Do they need CNAs down in Texas ??
  6. by   DLRonna
    I have registered to volunteer with the Red Cross and the Disaster Registry, haven't heard back, but am heading down to Houston Area starting Sunday. Have a car filled with supplies. I bring RN psychiatric as well as medical experience. I have set up an account to take donations - in order to be Boots on the Ground. Please befriend me on FB if you want to know more. I am interested in working PRN's as well as volunteering so, will pass along anything I learn. My name is Donna Royal.
  7. by   EKUGRAD
    I am currently marooned in Lumberton, Texas which has become a virtual island. My disiaster relief team, Remote Area Me
  8. by   EKUGRAD
    I am currently a disaster relief RN with Remote Area Medical in Lumberton, Texas. It is 40 miles Northwest of Houston and now a virtual island. All access roads are closed. Remote Area Medical was first on the ground Monday with supplies, our medical team was here Wednesday. My role here is working with a M.D. at a shelter (375 persons) managing all medical needs. This includes for me the veterinary population since I used to be a Vet Tech. These folks are being very well cared for in general by their community. We offer medical care and response management to the population. Folks here have literally had their lives washed away. We have many elderly folks that had only their night clothes when they were picked up by boat, right before the water rose past their roof. People with chronic medical conditions, including psychiatric, had all their meds and supplies washed away. We have been using Army and local EMS helicopters to fly patients such as dialysis and chemo in and out. We are averaging about 6 flights per day with critical patients as well as scheduled.. It is Hell, fellow nurses. We need your support in any way we can get it. We are doing all right on food but medicine and the money to buy it is getting scarce. The Army landed a HUGE helicopter here this afternoon with supplies. Help in any way you can, please. My team will be here through next week and may move into Houston to help with clean-up recovery there. Think of us well and often. Thanks.
  9. by   Jtracyrn
    I am a registered nurse trying to get down there. I am available for immediate travel. I've applied with multiple different agencies but no one has responded. Does anyone out there know who I should contact? My specialty is hemodialysis
  10. by   Jtracyrn
    I applied with them and they never responded. I have a compact license and I can leave tomorrow. Any other suggestions?