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A nurse being an independent contractor is a great idea. I have met nurses who do this, and they make $40 to $50 an hour. They each obtained a business license, registered as a P.C., and purchased malpractice insurance. The... Read More

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    Originally posted by LoisJean:
    <STRONG>NURSEMARK: I have been self employed providing a home care service for the past seven years. I receive referrals from area Home Care Agencies, physicians, Senior Centers and through word of mouth in the private sector; I have recently signed my second State Medicaid Waiver contract. I make good money (in my opinion), pay my taxes, am recognized by the State as a small business owner. I maintain a very busy office; I have taken on a nurse partner who has been working with me for the past two years; together we provide care to over 100 clients each month. My small business is VERY SMALL and does not even come close to the requirements for loans and other SB perks. Incorporation is not always necessary to safely contract services. I will say this: I did not go out on my own to make scads of money and be the big boss; I went out on my own because there was a need to fill and I could fill it better this way...I didn't think it would become so popular. And, just as aside, I am an LPN and I am an outspoken advocate for the self employment of nurses.</STRONG>
    I certainly applaud your efforts skills are not an entitlement to anyone except for those who want it badly enough. Congratulations on establishing yourself as a business entity and controlling your own destiny!
    best regards

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    Hi Charles. It's great that can post how satisfied you are with your decision to become an independent practitioner. I think that many of us need to read about happy or satisfied nurses as an antidote to what we're going through.

    I would like to know what type of safety net does independent practice provide for those whose health suddenly goes south especially if your spouse is self-employed or if you are single w/wo dependents? I really believe that the need for comprehensive cost effective group health insurance is one of the reasons why more dedicated nursing professionals don't strike out on their own.

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