Nurses, how are you going to vote? 2012 US Presidential Election - page 7

Nurses, Please take a second to vote below! We've polled our members the past 2 presidential elections and nurses got them both right! Let's see if we can predict the election results correctly for a 3rd... Read More

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    Quote from hecallsmeDuchess
    It is actually "47"%, Mayahp22...
    lol thanks I stand corrected
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    Quote from MSUnurse
    Who do you think is paying for your education? Not, and all of the other hardworking taxpayers in this country!
    think of it as an investment for our future generations including your children when time comes and its time for them to pursue education. If it wasnt for you or the government public schools wouldnt be free either. Lets not be selfish lol
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    Gary Johnson 2012
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    Quote from ksdmom
    mayahp22...why should the government and taxpayers pay your way thru school...I worked my way thru and paid back loans...I do not get this everything for free mentality.
    Hey next time you should look up HRSA repayment of loans through the government. Or scholarships/ grants
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    I honestly don't see what the problem is behind a free education.....its an investment for the future youths of america.
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    Nurses, I changed parties when the health care bill was passed without anyone reading it. Did you read it?
    We would not do that to our patients/clients.-have them sign consent without reading/educating
    Romney for sure. Besides I like rich men that can straighten out this mess of an economy
    I don't want a president that thinks he is in charge of 57 states. But I could go on forever...a former democrat
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    Our government is based on a democracy it was put in place for the people and to help the people of that it serves whether its womens right, healthcare, education, or whatever. sn: your taxes are increased for tyhe tax breaks of the wealthy as well
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    President Obama
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    Quote from mayahp22
    In addition with the help of the Obama administration I am attending nursing school fully paid for. Whereas Romney does not believe in the government funding the education. i'm sorry but not everyone has $100,00 just lying around in swiss bank acct
    Do you also have an "Obama phone"?
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