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  1. by   kellimac
    Yes I did read it and am voting for Obama- and do you think a rich man is going to care for anybody but the rich people- what a joke
  2. by   kellimac
    Good one
  3. by   RNpearls1908
    Quote from kellimac
    Yes I did read it and am voting for Obama- and do you think a rich man is going to care for anybody but the rich people- what a joke
    Still waiting for that tax return and pension from romney lol
  4. by   kellimac
    I am from Wisconsin and would not vote for Ryan with a gun to my head
  5. by   withasmilelpn
    Thanks Brian for posting, fun! (political junkie - lol)
  6. by   FLmed
    With all due respect, can you all just follow directions. The point of this thread was just asking how you voted or how you will vote tomorrow. It's not supposed to be a political debate. That is all.
  7. by   pjatx
    4 More 4 BHO!!!
  8. by   Nurse Queenie
  9. by   RNpearls1908
    I think this is a good debate that is harmless. Its always informative to see why people are voting for whom they are in my opinion. There is no bashing among members
  10. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Although I see your point, I'd say theyre both "rich"
  11. by   jachfletch
    Actually women make less money under Obama administration. They don't say the raped women have gifts, that is one of the only ways they support abortion...
    I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. - Mitt Romney (This is his quote!)
    I keep asking people to use a fact checker intead of hear-say or media. Sometimes I feel that people only repeat and stand behind something they hear, not what they actually learn. I agree with Obama on some postions, but not enough to persuade my vote. How about facts: He lied about taxes, the economy, healthcare, jobs, Libya, and foreign policies. War with Iraq will not be the worry...if he keeps up with his apologetic and defenseless attitude with the terrorists groups and supporters we will have WWIII right here in our backyard. Read the military reports...he didn't end the war, he sent them to Afghanistan and now Iran is building WMDs!
  12. by   DanidelionRN
    Romney, all the way. Why? Because he understands how to manage money. And because he's actually got a good record at the state level, and because he actually HAS a campaign platform, other than "attack the other guy".

    Obama has been an incompetent moron thoughout this presidency with no clue how to actually grow the economy or advance the nation- all he's done is throw bones to his special interest groups that donated campaign money.
  13. by   anotherone
    whenever i hear anything about sancitity of marriage, family values, ruin the environment for $1 . anti choice or abortion, abstinence only education ( we all see how horrificly many of our patients are uneducated with regards to this!), it makes me worry about the future. This goes to both main parties, although more so one than the other . i dont like anything but logic dictating beliefs or shoving them down my throat