North 14 - The room where the patient died. - page 3

What in the world? I was standing in the storeroom on North Wing – and it was huge. Unlike the cramped space on our floor that had obviously been an old broom closet, this was a complete patient... Read More

  1. by   JMECNA
    I work on a large campus. We have 4 buildings all attached with a tunnel. The original building is the nursing home which is quite old. It used an orphanage. The story goes that one night the orphanage started on fire. Nobody has been able to tell me if anybody died in the fire. Also the nursing home has a ton of display cabinets filled with old objects. Anyways since I started working there I have heard tons of strange stories and had a few weird things happen. I have residents ask me to get the children out of their rooms. Residents complain about the tall thin man watching them. I've heard a woman singing in our laundry room. Seen the shadow of a tall thin person walk past doorways. I've had chair alarms make the beep beep sound to tell you someone is sitting on the alarm pad and then have the alarm sound five seconds later as if whoever is sitting there has stood up. It's a very creepy place.