North 14 - The room where the patient died. - page 3

What in the world? I was standing in the storeroom on North Wing – and it was huge. Unlike the cramped space on our floor that had obviously been an old broom closet, this was a complete patient room that had been turned into... Read More

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    Quiet. The q work is QUIET -- all you cryptic superstitious people!!!

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    Quote from mskate
    Quiet. The q work is QUIET -- all you cryptic superstitious people!!!

    LOL! Now...when all hell breaks loose on this post, as is bound to happen after the "Q" word is uttered, we know who to blame!
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    you have a nice way with words, and a great....imagination!!!!!!!!
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    tiredstudentmom wrote:

    This story gave me goosebumps and chills through and through! LOVED it! ( Tragic, yet sad as well... What kind of person does that, states that they want a divorce while someone is in the hospital?

    Newt Gingrich! Not that I wanted to bring in the politics.
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    You could easily be a writer. You are very descriptive.
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