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I am about to go back to nights. I don't know when a good time is, I feel like before work or after work is out, but on my off days I need to start moving. What time do you feel like working out? Do... Read More

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    We walk at work The lab tech, the radiology tech, admissions and nurses all walk in groups of 2-3 on our breaks Our facility is a square that you can do laps on. On good nights we can all get 15 minutes cardio walking done We have even tried some zumba type dance

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    I have the good fortune of a 24-hour planet fitness down the block from my apartment. So, if I have the motivation to exercise, I'll stop there on my way home, do a 45 minute run or lift some weights. Then I'm home in less than a minute. I have a tough time falling asleep, so I usually just relax and enjoy the post-workout glow for a bit. When I do fall asleep, I wake up feeling super energized. The tough part is convincing myself to stop at the gym in the first place!
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    Alright. I'm going to the gym. Now. Oooof!
    (You are all a bubbling font of motivation, I hope I don't fall asleep in the pool and drown).
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    That's a great routine. I hope to be as disciplined.

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