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Night shift sleep schedule - page 2

Just curious, if you work night shift or you have in the past (either 11p-7a or 7p-7a), when do you usually sleep? Do you get a full 8 hours? I'm just curious because I work nights and generally... Read More

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    I work as a private duty pediatric nurse and work 9pm til 7am 4 days a week. I have been doing it for almost 8 months and I am getting ready to ask for days or evenings. I just can't get used to it. I'm always tired. On my days off I can hardly stay up past 10pm. I also wake up anywhere between 2am and 4am wide awake. My eating patterns are also messed up and I have been suffering stomach problems and backaches.
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    I work 7p-730a and I am in bed by 830-9am most mornings unless it's my last shift...I will do my grocery shopping then before a stretch of time off.

    I sleep until 330 sometimes a little later. I do well with 6hours of sleep. I generally have no problems falling asleep. I have a sound machine and blackout curtains. However when I try to be on the "normal" schedule with's hard for me to sleep without an aid (melatonin usually).

    I think I function well on night shift but I've never worked days full time so I actually could do better on them but I'm not looking to find out right now.
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    I work 12s from 7p-7:30a. I usually get home around 8, and try to get to sleep by 9-9:30. I can't come home and just get right in bed, I need to wind down by surfing the net or watching a dvr'd tv show. I get up around 3p, my kids get off the bus at 4. I can function at work with only 6 hrs of sleep, but when I am home I'm always tired. I keep my bedroom dark, cool, and a fan whirring above my head to help me stay asleep. I tried using Benadryl to help me sleep longer but it only worked as a diuretic . When I am not working I try to stay on my family's sleep schedule. I used to nap all the time but it didn't make me feel any more rested, just the opposite. I'm almost 40 and I find the night shift to be difficult, but everyone handles it differently.