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Ive read many posts regarding here from newer nurses complaining of being treated less than kindly from seasoned nurses. I am a new nurse, working with a seasoned nurse. She comes off as angry and unfriendly as she is... Read More

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    They aren't all crotchety, but I think you know what I mean
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    Quote from Isitpossible
    Ive read many posts regarding here from newer nurses complaining of being treated less than kindly from seasoned nurses. I am a new nurse, working with a seasoned nurse. She comes off as angry and unfriendly as she is constantly yelling and clearly frustrated. However, after carefully listening to her views, I have fully come to understand her frustration and know thats it NOT personal. She is disgusted with the nursing profession in general. She has been a nurse for 36 years and is very experienced and knowledgeable. As she watches over me during my orientation, she sees that preceptor sleeping for 2 hours while Im on my own. Literally... This is every night. Each nite I have a difference preceptor, and each nite they sleep, stay in the nursing station and let me pretty much go on my own. She told me the other night, this is terrible and she is "embarassed." She seems to actually feel sorry for me, because she was not trained in this lackadaisal type mentality. My preceptors are newer nurses, with 2-3 yrs of experience maximum. This profession that she takes so much pride in, is crumbling, and shes sick of it. So to the newer nurses, sometimes the older nurses arent as mean as they may appear, they may simply be disgusted at the changes they have seen. And want new nurses to respect our position as much as they do... so my simple advice to new nurse, dont take things personally if all doesnt seem well intially, keep your eyes open, listen carefully and learn from them.. even if their is a little grumbling!

    All I can say is WOW!
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    Quote from mariebailey
    That needs to be reported. No one will benefit from sleeping preceptors, particularly the patients.

    Absolutely. Instead of getting an attitude, she should address the "preceptors," and/or write-up and report them. I am not a tattletale, but that's just ridiculous. It IS down right embarrassing. Sleeping while on direct duty is grounds for firing in any hospital or agency I have ever worked. I'm not talking about someone being friend, and literally shaking themselves as they started to dose writing their notes. I am talking about people carelessly sleeping upon duty--as if they are planning to do so.

    This is a bigger issue when someone is being precepted or oriented. Someone with inexperience can easily make a mistake that may not be corrected quickly enough. I have no idea what hospital you work in, but where I live, I can't think of one that would put up with that kind of thing.
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    It's good that you were able to see the situation in a positive way.We can't really put the blame top the seasoned nurses as new nurses also have shortcomings too,! We just need to hear first both sides of the story
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    I have 6 years of ICU experience. I don't believe in making new people feel stupid, we all make mistakes and this is where educating people comes in, but they aren't ever gonna learn or feel confident if you make them feel stupid and are mean. don't be mean to the newbies.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    I have to say that this post has given quite a bit of insight into the "older nurse" experience. Knowing that even if a nurse is having a bad run of things, others can understand it, makes me a little happier (not that I would ever, ever be crotchety! Haha!)

    As for the sleeping nurses - I just have to say that they have a job, same as you do, and if they cannot fulfill that role, something is amiss and should be addressed.
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    Hi! This may be off subject, but I was curious about the most recent placement run for Maricopa Community Colleges. Who got placed and what was your time stamp? I've been waiting since 4-15-11, omg I can't wait to get place.

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