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New Grad Rates for RN's - page 4

Can anyone help me establish what the current grad rates are for various states/provinces? I would really appreciate it- any other input would be great too- such as how wage increases are handled.... Read More

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    I worked at Northridge, CA $ 19.50 but when you break it down it came to about 16.50 they didn't mention the additional shift differential and time in a half. Beware when they give you a rate. Make sure it is your base!
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    Pittsburgh, PA...Community hospital. $17.10 with a relatively low cost of living. Shift differentials aren't much: $0.75 for evenings/nights, $0.50 for weekends (combination for an night/weekend--$1.25). Extra-shift differential of $5.00 hour for working beyond your normally scheduled hours. Tuition reimbursement for new grads up to $7000 of nursing school costs.
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    In central Illinois, new grads make $16.35/hr.
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    Upstate NY:
    In one local hospital they are offering new grads 17.25/hr base rate.
    My hospital, base rate with 4 years experience 17.28.........
    hmmm, that's one penny per hour per year experience....
    I would lol if I wasn't crying haha.
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    ...just outside of kansas city, MO. New grads are hired at 17.81hr plus $2.00/hr shift diff. $1.25/hr to carry the pager when on call. Cost of living in this area isn't nearly as high as California or New York.

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    Believe it is $21-22 range in the Hartford area plus differentials. My facility has excellent differentials -- 15% evenings, 25% straight nights, 25% weekends. Often loan forgiveness (most likely a portion), hiring bonus, tuition reimbursement, etc. Cost of living is very expensive. New grads -- you are more valuable than you realize -- negotiate the best offer you can in the facility that is the best "fit" for you.
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    I am a new grad in May. I just took a job in Ft. Lauderdale. Starting rate is base 19.40 hr.
    + 2.25 hr on 3-11 and 3.20 for 11-7 and 3.00 on top of that for weekends. Also, good benefits; life, disability, health ins., 403b, 27 days paid time off first year, etc. etc. 3 month cc course, acls, pals, and tncc.
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    In Gillette,Wyoming new Grad's start at $17.18/hr.