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New Additional Skin Grids (LTC) ?!

  1. 0 at my facility we do skin grids on newly reported bruises and sometimes have to do incident reports.

    anyhoo a " new " must do have been added on top of the workload - with the cna's having to mark down
    all bruises ; i mean all bruises found on the resident's body during their weekly bath. the cna's have to fill up this form marking off where the bruises are found and the nurse on duty has to sign this form.

    what is a nurse to do with the cna's form and mark up of bruises in a resident- other than sign it and acknowledge of it's findings.?! i have other nurses who are freaking out about this and making multiple skin grids added to the tar. it's beyond ridiculous and it's making me dizzy.

    thanks a lot
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    We not only have to sign the CNA bath time skin report, we have to fill out an incident report on bruise of unknown origin and also fill out suspected abuse forms. There is also follow up forms that need to be done a week later, with the next skin report to see how the bruise condition is .
    YEA! us yipee on MORE paperwork, but state survey LOVED our documentation.
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    Nurses have to do the weekly skin checks in my facility and any newly discovered bruise warrants an incident report and the resulting charting and notifications(family,md,care plan etc)
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    At my facility, like ktwlpn , nurses do the weekly skin assessments. New bruises have all of the paperwork, incident report , investigations forms, etc. Gotta love that paperwork!