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My mom has fallen 4 x in the last week. Can't stand by herself. Some confusion. I have flown cross country to put her in nursing home against her will because my brother can't take care of her... Read More

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    Of course, you have my prayers and positive energy sent in your direction. Blessings to your mother.
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    My Dad went into a state of delirium within about 3 days and was falling constantly. Took him to the hospital and we thought we were going to have to put him in a home. Here he had Lyme disease and as soon as he went on antibiotics, boom, he was back to normal again. I just thought I would share this in case this was something that was sudden. Have them test her for Lyme. Prayers are with you.

    Alice, LPN
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    Thanks to all for your prayers and support. My/your prayers were answered and she has been admitted to a very nice facility for some short term rehab to see if she can get stronger and walk again.
    Every thing went remarkebly smooth yesterday (except for my broken heart) for her. She had every test known to man in the ER yesterday and she is in perfect health for 88.
    I guess it really is just old age.
    Daytonite, your not mean, your just thinking. Unfortunately my brother who has been suppposed to be watcthing her in her home has let the place go down so bad that there is no hot running water, toilets don't flush, no cooler in the house (AZ desert). So no one can really live there.
    2 winters ago I took a winter nurse travel job by her house to help her. Last year there were no jobs in that area.
    If she is still alive this winter I will try again.
    As always there is so much more to the story, but she is safe and cool and with rehab she at least has a chance to get better
    Thank you, my allnurses family