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Good afternoon, I recently relocate to another states and had my license transfered. I've been looking for job as an Lpn for a while and finally found a nursing home literally around the corner from where I live. They in the... Read More

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    Quote from 42pines
    I'd suggest that when someone eventually says: "are you pregnant," then you can answer, matter-of-factly, "of course silly..."

    If they then say: "why didn't you tell us?" Answer just as matter-of-factly: "you didn't ask" and smile innocently.
    That is really not professional, I would never recommend that approach. Is saying "Of course silly" or playing games like "you didn't ask" ever acceptable when discussing employment or pregnancy??
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    Hello, just wanted to give an update since you all was nice enough to give me your opinion. I did tell the person that hires me about being pregnant since it was going to be hard to hide. I made sure I work really hard and show them I m not a lazy person, I work more hrs than I was hired for, never complaint and never called out. I had my baby 3 mths ago and still work at the same place....
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    Congrats! I am happy it all worked out for ya!
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