Need a No Brainer ACLS guaranteed

  1. OK. I admit it. I have been a Rehab/LTC RN for 25+ years and cardiac is definately not my forte. But now I am required to go online for ACLS and am a little lost.
    So, any help here in finding a no brainer easy-breasy ACLS online??
    Anything would help at this time.......
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  3. by   KBICU
    Search "skill stat ecg simulator" nice website to help practice rhythms. Also when you get your ACLS book you can go on the AHA website and practice. Unfortunately it requires alot of studying of various rhythms, drugs, ACS/stroke algorithms - hands on mock codes are important for learning too. What does your facility suggest you do now that they are suddenly requiring it?
  4. by   HouTx
    There is only one version of "ACLS" and that is designed and controlled by American Heart Association. However, the actual online course is very comprehensive, with plenty of drill-and-practice built in to it. I do agree with Kara - probably would be a good idea to brush up on EKG first.

    Is online your only option? Our nurses have told us that traditional (IRL) courses are 'easier' than online because instructors usually end up coaching you as needed for your weaker areas.

    You'll do fine - Anyone who has been a nurse for > 25 years can do anything!!!
  5. by   freedm
    I'll look for classes but I do work nights and per diem....always something, isn't it! :-)