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It is my opinion that our celebration of ourselves and public displays of "look at us" are embarrassing. I did a search on popular search engine). Here are the keywords searched and # of results. "National... Read More

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    I would like to apologize if any offense for your poem was taken, I meant none. I know that for some this is a reliever, it is just that for me I believe that nurses should be seen in a more realistic light. As people with other responsibilities and obligations besides what they do for a living. I do believe that nurses are special, as it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse, it is truly an art and a science. However I will also offer up that when we wrap ourselves in the mantle of Florence Nightengale too tightly we smother ourselves quite deliberately.
    Poetry can be beautiful and thought provoking as can any good writing. I myself love "Leaves of Grass." Read part of it at my dads funeral.
    I am addressing this to you in the hopes that you understand how some of us feel about the touchy feely poems that are so prevelant about nurses and why we feel that way. I find it distasteful that someone else would post a personal email that was sent to them. Regradless of the motives for doing so I do not believe it should have been done. I'm sure that you have written beautiful things that have meant much to others, please just understand that not all of us feel that way about being a nurse. I am sorry that some have chosen the path of ridicule instead of explaining why they feel the way they do.

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    Truly good poetry must have certain elements.
    To wit:
    1. Conciseness. See T.S. Elliot, e.e. cummings and/or Walt Whitman
    2. Lyricism. See Shakespeare, E.A. Poe, E.B. Browning.
    For poetry to be great, perhaps even move the reader to tears (of joy), it must express some universal idea. See Robert Browning, Emily Dickinson, and many others whom I cannot name.
    I also do not wish to offend, but I find National Nurses Week offensive. I see it as the health care industry (the multi-billion dollar health care industry ) saying " We have to have you but we need you to work real cheap so we can increase our profits to record levels. So in lieu of any real rewards for your service, take this highly processed food, these key chains, coffee mugs and other advertising gimmics and be happy." But that is the opinion of one man, an incredibly well educated and erudite man,
    perhaps one of the great thinkers of our time, but still only one.

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    Originally posted by Tiara:
    <STRONG>Just saw the list at the ana site ( about nurses week and found it interesting that malaysia, Guam and Saudi Arabia had activities that far surpassed the ice cream socials and logo pens. Maybe they want to keep their nurses happy there since our recruiters are headed in their directions!</STRONG>
    Hi Tiara. I think you make an excellent point. I also believe that a place like Saudi Arabia, with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, can afford to lavish their nurses with gifts and more. If you are correct about recruitment efforts in the aforementioned countries, I wonder the reasons these nurses would sign on to come to the states in the first place?

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