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ladies and gentlemen, i am having great difficulty deciding if my nascent career is, or should be, over. please be kind enough to tell me what you think. i am an rn with an as who recently graduated nursing school with... Read More

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    I used to work at a dialysis clinic that was almost like your first job. At least the dialysis clinic I worked for was heavily profit-driven. So, they hire people and provide no management skills, hence the absence of structural organization as displayed by the unprofessionalism of the techs. So, I do not agree with Mazy at all. The word "subordiante" must be well established into the management practice. A work culture that encourages a leader to regard the techs as equal is bound for frequent turnovers. I know people will get on my case for saying this but I agree that the culture of nurse eating their young is prevalent, although it's not just in nursing. Many professions have this, even doctors. Some people get insecure about their skills. I mean, come on, we all have some sense of insecurity about our skills and knowledge. In some people, that insecurity comes out by pushing down on colleagues with vulnerability, such as new grads. So, unlike Mazy's comment, I do not see any flaws in your attitude. You just had a run of bad luck.
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